Paint Protection Film

In this article, you’ll find out about our paint protection film and where you can have paint protection film applied in Melbourne.

ClearGard are a 3M Certified Installer of clear paint protection. Our paint protection film technicians are highly trained and certified to ensure the car protection film is installed correctly.

Read on to learn more about our car protection film products below.

Clear Paint Protection Film Kits

Our best selling Wear & Tear Car Kits include car protection film for:

  • Door cups – for protection against jewellery and fingernail scratches
  • Door edges – for protection against chips and scrapes (also prevents premature wear and tear)
  • Boot ledges – for protection when loading and unloading luggage

Our Rim-Pro Tec Kits include:

  • A plastic mounting base track
  • Acrylic foam attachment tape
  • Stylish insert and impact absorber

Want to know more about our car protection film?

  • View our photo gallery to see examples of our work
  • View our video gallery for general information about car protection film and DIY installation

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