Clear Paint Protection Film

In this article, find out what paint protection film(PPF) is and the benefits of having it installed on your car.

Cleargard has over 15 years experience in the automotive industry. We are a certified installer of 3M paint protection film and are an authorised reseller for Scotchgard™ Australia. We have installed PPF on over 8000 cars and our happy customers are a testament to the standard of our professional installations.

Learn more about PPF car protection below.

Near Invisible Paint Protection Film

Near invisible PPF is a clear polymer wrap that protects your car from damage, wear & tear and exposure to harsh season weather. It is also known as clear paint protection film. By protecting your car’s paint and maintaining its appearance, 3M PPF is an investment for one of your most valuable assets and it’s also the officially licensed car paint protection for NASCAR!

Benefits of installing PPF include:

  • Provides permanent protection for your car’s exterior paint
  • Maintains your car’s value and boosts trade-in value
  • Keeps your vehicle looking as good as new
  • Prevents yellowing
  • Designed to fit perfectly to vehicles components
  • Can be removed without damaging the paint
  • Unrivalled scratch and stain resistance
  • Self-healing technology deters most scratches and marks
  • Tough, durable & maintenance free

Near invisible car kits are available for all car makes and models using our predesigned templates for any vehicle. We can also custom fit clear PPF paint protection as required.

3M PPF kits are available as a DIY installation kit or one of our highly trained & certified installers can do it for you.

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