Car Wheel Arch Protection Film

Our PPF kits include templates for vulnerable areas of your car including bonnets, boot ledges, door cups & sills, mirror backs and wheel arch protection film. Below is information on the car wheel arch protection kits we offer including what paint protection film will help protect your car’s paint against.

Cleargard has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and have fitted over 8000 cars with vehicle paint protection film. We only ever use the best quality products and pride ourselves on providing unbeatable service. Here is why paint protection film is a wise choice when it comes to car wheel arch protection.

Car Wheel Arch Protection

Paint protection film helps to maintain your car’s appearance for longer. Because our film is almost invisible it won’t alter the appearance of your car, except to keep it looking great! View our gallery for examples of cars that have had paint protection film installed.

In addition to providing wheel arch stone chip protection, our car protection films will also protect your car’s wheel arch paint against:

  • Scrapes and scuffs
  • Premature wear & tear
  • Flying debris from the road
  • Tree sap
  • Bug damage
Mustang Grabber Cleargard Paint Protected
Two cars with Rim Pro Tec

We have car wheel arch protection templates for most car makes and models but can customise a template if we don’t have one suitable for your car. You can install your car wheel arch protection film yourself or have one of our 3M certified installers do it for you to ensure correct installation.

And, while you’re having car wheel arch protection installed, why not protect your wheel rims at the same time? Rim-Pro Tec is a tough, extruded plastic mounting base track that adds a defensive barrier protecting your wheels from curb damage. You have 22 colours to choose from – go for something sleek & discreet or a colour that adds an element of style to your car.

Enquire About Car Wheel Arch Protection

Call 1800 028 843 or fill out our online enquiry form to find out more about our wheel arch stone chip protection kits or if you would like to make an installation booking (Melbourne suburbs only).