Car Paint Protection

ClearGard Auto Protection specialises in car paint protection for headlights, door edges & cups, rear boot ledges, bonnets/hoods, door sills, front bumpers, mirror backs and guards.

In this article, you’ll find out about our new car paint protection products and the benefits of having car paint protection film installed on your car – one of your most valuable assets.

We are 3M Certified Installers of car paint protection film. We have templates for most makes & models and can also custom fit car paint protection film if required.

Learn more about our car paint protection and where to view examples of our work below.

Car Paint Protection Film

Our car paint protection film is a durable, high-grade, clear film. We apply it to high-impact areas of your vehicle (e.g. rear boot ledges, bonnets/hoods, front bumpers).

Because it is a clear car wrap, it is virtually invisable. View our Gallery here to see examples of how great your car will look after having new car paint protection film applied. We also have a number of videos that cover general information about car paint protection and DIY installation.

Benefits of Car Paint Protection Film

  • Keeps your paint looking great
  • Significantly reduces paint chips and bug damage
  • Boosts your trade-in value

Car Paint Protection Cost

To find out how much car paint protection costs for your car, we are more than happy to arrange a quote for you. Car paint protection for one of your most valuable assets is an investment and the benefits far out way car paint protection costs. Having car paint protection film installed also helps increase your trade-in value.

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