Car Bonnet Protector

Your car bonnet is one of the most vulnerable areas of your car. Car bonnet protector film helps to protect your car bonnet from chips, scratches and stains. Below, find out about our car bonnet protector film and how you can protect one of your most valuable assets. Cleargard are bonnet protector film specialists with over 15 years of experience. Over 8000 cars have been fitted with our film and we only ever use the best quality products. Here is more information on why you should have bonnet protector film installed on your car:

About our Car Bonnet Protector film

Your car bonnet paint can quite often be damaged by harsh weather conditions, bugs and insects, stones and other debris that flicks up from the road. Having car bonnet protector film installed on your car can give peace of mind knowing that your car will be better protected and maintain a better resale value.

Our bonnet protector film is virtually invisible so won’t alter the appearance of your car and is made of thermoplastic urethane that is resistant to yellowing. Our car bonnet protector films include Ventureshield and 3M bonnet protector film. The 3M bonnet protector films in our range include:

  • Scotchgard™ 3M bonnet protector film
  • Paint Protection Pro Series 3M bonnet protector film

You can install the car bonnet protector film yourself or, if you live in Melbourne or Sydney, you can have one of our installers do it for you (our bonnet protector film installers are 3M certified). If you are installing the bonnet protector film yourself, we have put together some handy videos on installation.

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For pricing and any questions regarding bonnet protector film call 1800 028 843 or fill out our online enquiry form. We pride ourselves on providing unbeatable service and our customer service team is happy to help!