Bumper Protection Film

Bumper protection film is designed to protect one of the most vulnerable areas of your car, the bumper. By protecting the paintwork of your vehicle, you help to maintain its value and keep it looking great.

Cleargard offers car bumper protection film for most makes and models – if we don’t have a template suitable for your car, we can custom make one for you. We have over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and specialise in 3M bumper protection film kits. We have fitted over 8000 cars with vehicle paint protection film and only ever use the best quality products.
Here is how our 3M front bumper protection and 3M rear bumper protection film protects your car.

3M Bumper Protection Film

Our 3M front bumper protection and 3M rear bumper protection film is made of tough urethane film. It is clear, almost invisible in fact, so won’t alter the appearance of your car – Our gallery has plenty of examples of how your car can look after having 3M bumper protection film applied.

Our 3M bumper protection film protects against chips, scratches, bumps, dents, bugs, flying debris and premature wear & tear. Our 3M front bumper protection and rear bumper protection film is easy to apply or one of the certified 3M installers can install it for you if you are based in Melbourne or Sydney.

We also offer Cleargard Pro Series 3M paint protection film which is the officially licensed paint protection film used in NASCAR. It offers self-healing properties (minor scratches just disappear!), is easier to clean, harder to scratch, is resistant to cracking and has excellent durability.

In addition to car bumper protection film, some of the other areas we offer protection film for include:

  • Headlights
  • Door edges, sills & cups
  • Rear boot ledges,
  • Bonnet/hoods
  • Rear-wheel arches
  • Mirrors
  • Guards
Rear Boot Ledge Kit

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