3M Clear Protective Film

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about 3M protective film for your car. Cleargard are a Certified Installer of 3M clear protection film and our 3M protection film technicians are highly trained to ensure the film is installed correctly.

Listed below are the benefits of using 3M car paint protection film

3M Paint Protection Film

Cleargard paint protection Pro Series Film by 3M helps protect your car’s paintwork from scuffs, scratches & scrapes, wear & tear and exposure to harsh seasonal weather conditions.

About 3M clear protective film:

  • It’s the officially licensed 3M paint protection film used in NASCAR so can even protect cars going at 300km/hr!
  • The film is optically clear so doesn’t interfere with your car’s aesthetic
  • 3M paint protection film is unrivalled protection for your car and is installed by our certified installers

3M car paint protection film protects the most vulnerable parts of your car including bumpers, bonnets, mirror backs, door cups, rear boot ledges, door edges, rocker panels and fenders.

We have 3M clear protective film templates for most car makes and models but can also custom fit templates as required.

View our protective film gallery to see what vehicles look like after having 3M paint protection film installed.

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