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Rim-Pro Tec

  • Puts a defensive barrier of tough plastic between alloy rims and curb hazards.

    • Suits most alloy rims
        Two base colours – Alloy & Black
        Twelve Pinstripe colour options

    Three components
    • A tough, extruded plastic mounting base track
    • An acrylic foam attachment tape (which is applied to the
        mounting track during the manufacturing process)
    • A snap in, interchangeable, stylish insert and
        impact absorber (Bumper + Bling)

    One size fits from 14” to 22” wheels

    Consumer benefits
    • Functional (Bumper)
    • Reduces kerb damage to alloy wheels
    • Financial (Insurance)
    • Saves expensive wheel refurbishment
    • Discrete
    • Blends in to match alloys
    • Stylish (Bling)
    • Can individualise and improve appearance with
        twenty-two colour options
    • Affordable
    • Justify the expense by a savings offset

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    Ferrari Rim Protection
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