Protect your wheels with rim protection strips

Rim-Pro Tec

Two cars with Rim Pro Tec

Protect your vehicles wheels with Rim-Pro Tec, a leading brand in protecting your wheels and rims …

Want to protect your tires? What can Rim-Pro Tec provide?

  • Puts a defensive barrier of tough plastic between alloy rims and curb hazards.
  • Suits most alloy rims
  • Two base colours – Alloy & Black
  • Twelve Pinstripe colour options

Three components

  • A tough, extruded plastic mounting base track
  • An acrylic foam attachment tape (which is applied to the mounting track during the manufacturing process)
  • A snap in, interchangeable, stylish insert and impact absorber (Bumper + Bling)


One size fits from 14” to 22” wheels
Consumer benefits
  • Functional – (Bumper)
  • Reduces kerb damage to alloy wheels
  • Financial – (Insurance)
  • Saves expensive wheel refurbishment
  • Discrete
  • Blends in to match alloys
  • Stylish – (Bling)
  • Can individualise and improve appearance with twenty-two colour options
  • Affordable
  • Justify the expense by a savings offset


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You can find Rim-Pro Tec Kits within our store

If your interested in the Rim-Pro Tec kits you can find them in ready made kits in our store which you can apply yourself to your vehicle.


If you want to stop damage to your rims you cant get any better than wheel protection strips. If you want more information on Rim-Pro Tec send us a message.