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How to protect car from stone chips

What are stone chips?


Stone chips are pretty much small rocks and stones from the road that get knocked up from your wheels or other cars while driving that then hit your car at the front or the sides.

The daily travels you make with your car could be causing considerable damage to car’s exterior paintwork without you even realizing what’s happening.

If you have found yourself wondering how to protect your car from stone chip damage, well then, you are in luck because this article just happens to be exactly what you need.

One thing you should always remember is to try and attend to the rock chip damage of your car as soon as you possibly can.

Rock chips, loose stones, and pebbles are found all over most roads especially in Australia. When these tiny pieces are kicked up and hit the front end or side of your car they tend to damage the top layers of paint on your car.

However, they can sometimes go as much as damaging the lower layers of your car’s paintwork as well which in turn will lead to exposing the car to weathering that it may not be fit to handle.

Treating this problem as soon as it happens helps prevent rusting of the spots affected from chips.


Using a clear shield polymer or clear bra to protect from stone chips


Wrapping your car with transparent protection film is one of the most popular techniques used all across the globe when one intends to protect the front and sides of their vehicles from stone chip damage.

This protection film is a plastic wrap that is wrapped around the regions of your automobile that may be potentially in danger of stone chip damage.

These regions are usually the side mirror areas, lower fascia, any surface directly facing the bottom or front of the vehicle and the rocker panels.

These transparent films can sometimes be a bit pricey because these are usually custom cut to fit your automobile’s specifications

and is hand applied by a specialist but DIY kits can be cheaper without specialist installation.

Using this type of paint protection for stone chip damages is great in the sense that when applied it is not even noticeable and it protects your car’s paintwork for quite a long time.

Once your application of PPF is complete, you will find that you will no longer need to worry yourself too much about rock chip damage every time you are done using your car as you usually would without the paint protection film. The clear shield polymer or 3M car shield will ensure your vehicle’s paint stays scuff free.

These stone repelling paint protection films come in several different brands.

They use the same idea from the protective films that shield and protect your iPhone from scratches only that in this case it is done on a much larger scale with its sole purpose being to act as a barrier between your vehicle’s paint job and its foes which are dust, rocks, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

These protective films are usually both professionally installed and removed. When the time comes you decide that you want the films removed, no paint damage will occur to your vehicle during the removal process.