Motorbike protective film kits

Paint Protection Film for Your Motorcycle

Paint protection film is essential for protecting the investment of your motorcycle be it be from scratching the tank, brushing up against external objects or in the invent the bike falls over. The film is designed in such a way as to spare vans, trucks, motorcycles, cars and a few different vehicles from any rub, destruction, chips and so forth.

An aspect of the film is its non-yellowing qualities. Non-yellowing paint film is undetectable. The motorcycle will look new and fresh as the first day it was purchased. Also applying the film will make it look like a fresh new lay of paint. The film also has self healing qualities and can automatically fill in small scratches already on the motorcycle before the application of the film.

The film can be applied to various parts of the motorcycle, for example, the tank, fronts of headlights, wheel guards, side mirrors and more.


Applying protective film to your motorcycle

Scratches on your brand new or very much loved motorcycle not only damages the look of your motorcycle but they decrease the resale value. To stop your motorcycle from suffering on account of damage, road debris and scratches, protective film is the ideal arrangement.

The protective films are constructed and enduring using a material made by 3M. These films can be purchased in precut designs for your motorcycle for DIY application, they can be fitted professionally by a specialist or can be purchased in rolls extending with the width 6″ to 58″ wide. The protective film packs are handcrafted in our workplace to deliver motorcycle specific designs for the model that is most reasonable for your motorcycle.

This protective film has a rising interest in the industry for motorbike lovers. The most recent innovation of 3M film is a great way to apply insurance to your bike.


Advantages of protective film for your motorcycle

The motorcycle protective film is adaptable and stretchable and also durable. It is relatively invisible and can be shaped to fit any surface of the motorcycle. It seals the painted surfaces to give an enduring lustrous appearance and glossy outside. They can be easily applied to the bike without much fuss. Using a few everyday household tools the film can be applied from your home with a DIY application, if a mistake is made the film can be taken off and reapplied.

Just the simple usage of a squeegy, washing up liquid and a microfibre cloth can help apply the film.

If you feel more comfortable getting it professionally fitted you can also contact us to get the film adjusted for you. Cleargard not only installs the protective film on cars but they also provide installation to motorcycles.

Having the film gives peace of mind and less stress on damaging your prized possessions. Contact Cleargard Auto Protection today for your DIY kit or professional installation.