Need a kit to protect your motorcycle?

DIY Motorbike Kits


Cleargard also specialises in protecting the paint job on your motorbike with pre-cut patterns using quality 3M Film

Besides the kits for cars we wanted to add 3M Protection Film for bikes as well. Because the protective film can pretty much be used on anything and it does such a good job of protecting other vehicles, why not use it on motorcycles?

These can be custom cut and can include the 3M Motorcycle Tank Protector and also protection for motorbike cups.

For any information regarding your motorbike you can contact us by phone, email or through our contact form.

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We have DIY Motorcycle Paint Protection Film Kits within our store

In our shop you can purchase kits with paint protection film for motorcycles , they also come with instructions on how you can apply it yourself to your Motorbike.

Our motorbike kits come with a motorbike tank protector

We also have videos on our video page that gives details for self installation.

If your interested in getting a protection kit installed on your motorcycle give us a call or contact us. You can also purchase DIY Motorcycle kits in the shop.